Dwarf is an independent, creative and tech-savvy digital agency with a rich history and successful clients.

We are 60+ digital enthusiasts with high ambitions on behalf of our customers. Everything gets digitized and it's fun for our clients and us. It provides the opportunity to push the status quo seriously, create strong visual user experiences, new digital services, and streamline processes and business processes. That's what digitalization is all about for us. That's what we're passionate about. And that's what we spend most of our waking time on.

#We Are Design & Technology

When we say we are design and tech, it's about taking responsibility. We provide high-quality design and development, so you don't have to worry about that part. It is our responsibility, and we are – in all modesty – quite adept at this. We are it.

That doesn't mean you can relax.

Since everything is digitized and with infinite possibilities and limited resources, the most important task will be to choose the right project.

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At Bernhard Bangs Alle, Frederiksberg

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News, knowledge, point of view, tools, tips & tricks, media coverage... You can find everything that is ‘on air’ about the agency, but not about client solutions. Those you will find under "Cases".


Career at Dwarf

Are you a great talent in our industry? We are always looking for new dwarfs who share our values and our passion for tech and design. Read more - because there are many possibilities and ways to get a job at Dwarf.

Our Values

We also have fun at Friday bars and parties. But first and foremost, we have fun every day. We have seven values and a culture book that binds the agency together and makes it one of Denmark's best workplaces.

#We are curious

We are curious to understand the reality and business of our customers. Curious and constantly evolving within our own professionalism. And curious to understand the knowledge and competences of our colleagues.

Because only together we can deliver the strong results that we and our customers live on.

#We are honest

We are honest in our advice and would never sell anything we wouldn't buy ourselves. We are honest with each other and our customers.

We say things as they are. Even when it's delicate. But we are doing it in a good and constructive tone.

#We exert ourselves

We are skilled and care about doing our job thoroughly. From our work with each other to cooperation with our customers. We believe that it pays off to make an extra effort and deliver quality. Therefore, we never skip where the wicket is lowest, but always go the extra step to deliver the best.

#We work as a team

None of us alone can deliver the product Dwarf wants. Solid solutions require us to work together. We play each other better all the time. We help, inspire and challenge each other to deliver the very best together. We respect each other's competencies. We can easily be critical of each other – in fact, the work often improves by this.

#We have fun

We want to be a workplace where you want to come every day. A casual place where there is room for ideas, personal development and where you have a nice time with each other. We dare to laugh together, for humor, curiosity, and courage, drive new fantastic ideas and skewed angles on all the established – and that not only makes Dwarf a better place to be, it also makes our solutions better.

#We treasure money

Both our own and our customers'. We strive to always create the best value for money. This applies when we develop the concept, it applies when we cut the scope – AND it applies on an ordinary Wednesday. We always think about how meetings, production, dialogue, and coordination can be handled effectively. "Time is money," as a famous duck once said. We're not too fancy for the subway either – but a SHARE NOW with 4 dwarfs is much cheaper.

#We care

We care. We believe that by showing care for each other both personally and professionally, we can create the best environment for a trusting collaboration where everyone thrives and has the opportunity to unfold and perform at their best.