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Extremely Heavy Takeaway


Extremely Heavy Takeaway

Free Delivery to your doorstep, 100 km of test-driving, 14 days of free return policy, 360 degrees picturing from the inside and the outside, a complete service history, and documentation of each scratch. That is the core, of the concept that Dwarf developed together with ALD - for online shopping of well-maintained but used cars. It is a “user- and service experience with a basket”. And luckily we are the best to create exactly this experience.

The Task

For us ‘regular’ people, who normally buy cars every 3-5 years, it can give some hesitations at first when buying a used car. Is the car really okay? What’s the catch? Is there any hidden debt? Is the engine healthy? And what about the undercarriage? And even though the utility-vehicle-market is finally on digital media, the process itself remains the same. It only differs from the fact that the buyer receives a pretty good overview of the used cars that are on sale. But they still need to physically walk all the way to the dealer, or a private salesperson to test-drive the car. And even in this case, it can be difficult to find out whether it is a truly good bargain or whether the salesperson is someone you can really trust… Dwarf was tasked with developing a completely new digital platform based on a new sales process.

The Solution

After ALD’s thorough analysis of their own customers concerns and needs, Dwarf decided to develop a new digital business model in corporation with ALD,, in only 4 months.

ALD Carmarket

A year after, the solution was consolidated to the ALD brand and changed into, because had proven that the consumers were ready to buy cars online.

Customer Journey

With a new developed and intuitive seek-function, that is based on the need of the users, we created a platform in which the customers can seek, explore and buy cars from their home. And on the whole customer journey, they can receive guidance from ALD in the implemented chat-function.

Delivery at your doorstep

The cars are delivered with a full guarantee and even possibilities for financing, exactly like when you buy new cars. Moreover, they will even be delivered to your doorstep and with a full return policy for 14 days.

Easy and safe

With help from the consumer insight, intelligent use of data, and ALD’s unique product and services, we have created a new platform, that makes it easy and safe to buy used cars.


The webshop is built in Laravel and includes functions like 360 degrees ‘image display’ of the car - seen from the inside and the outside.

Mobile app

At the same time, Dwarf developed a mobile application, which the mechanics can use to check the car from scratches and even take some real “hero-shots” as well.

The Result

The customers have indeed approved this concept. The website is popular and used regularly, and sells many cars each month.


“The project has been intensive, and I am very impressed to see how Dwarf dealt with the task at hand, both on a strategic level but also in terms of execution,” says Henrik Engel Eichen, COO, ALD Automotive.



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Head of Project Management

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Senior Project Manager

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Chief Technology Officer

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.NET Lead

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Lead Developer

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Creative Tech Director

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Creative Director

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Senior PHP Developer

Thomas Gross Rasmussen

Frontend Developer

Kim Skjoldborg


Danni Olsen

Frontend Developer

Martin Enderleit

Backend Developer

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Backend PHP Developer

Majken Sofie Bøndergaard Jakobsen

Senior Project Manager

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