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Business and Pleasure. Comwell delivers strong images of professional hosting.


Business and Pleasure. Comwell delivers strong images of professional hosting.

With 17 hotels – and serious growth ambitions, Comwell is one of the largest hotel groups in the North. The digital ambition is clearly to maintain and improve the customer's relation on their own channels and through high-end service. This can only be offered on a fully integrated platform. And it begins with images that you can truly feel.

The Task

With a broad variety of hotels, Comwell offers luxury spa retreats, city breaks, and gourmet weekends, you can host a business meeting, arrange a conference, or simply just enjoy a hotel experience - whether you are a company or a private guest.

A Strong Sender

An aesthetic and visually appealing site that makes the user want to visit the hotels was important to ensure. The solution had to emphasize the unique quality of each hotel, and while Comwell, as a Group, stands as a strong sender.

Optimization Of Booking Flows

Furthermore, one of the ambitions was to optimize the booking flows for the hotel reservations and meetings – to ensure that users easily and intuitively could book everything from a birthday party, a board meeting, or a mini-get-away.

The Solution

The solution is built in Laravel, a flexible ‘open-source framework’ that makes the website fast enough to manage rich visual elements like large pictures and videos.

Statamic as CMS

This is complemented by Statamic, an intuitive and accessible CMS to make everyday life significantly easier for Comwell's Digital Editors.

Focus On The User Experience

The final solution reflects the focus that has been placed on the user experience, a beautiful aesthetic universe, and an accessible and manageable structure. This means that all visitors experience a consistent expression across the many different hotels and subpages. And that visitors find it easy to find the information they are looking for – while at the same time experiencing the hotels as places you really want to visit.

The Result

The final solution allows Comwell to easily and effortlessly unfold their digital universe, where they can showcase their beautiful and unique hotels and high-end services.

Lightning Fast Performance

And at the same time, the site communicates the overall expression of quality that Comwell, as a group, would like to stand for. Despite the use of rich media, performance is still lightning fast, and it allows for easy scaling the site to more new hotels and new markets. Everything is thought into the booking flow, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary phone calls or waiting times on arrival. Thus, the solution also supports the delivery of the service and quality that Comwell is known for.


”Together with Dwarf we have created the new It is a new and nice platform, that lives up to the market expectations of us as a hotel group. In Dwarf we've found a partner that listened to all our needs and with the ability to challenge us as well. The ambition with the new website was to ensure that customers and the online user experience were connected to our physical environment and that the website could represent each of our hotels and their uniqueness in a visually and aesthetic way.”, says Tobias Fullerton Støier, Head of Digital, Comwell Hotels.



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