Business, Pleasure, and a New Arrival


Business, Pleasure, and a New Arrival

Comwell is shifting market share to its own channels through digital service excellence. Since 2016, Dwarf has been Comwell's digital partner, and together, in May 2023, we launched an updated and even more customer-centric version of We believe it is one of the most successful hotel websites in the world, but judge for yourself – and feel free to provide feedback.

Tobias Fullerton Støier

Head of Digital at Comwell
"The collaboration with Dwarf has been highly advantageous for us, as they possess a deep understanding of our needs and requirements. Dwarf's expertise in navigating the complex system landscape, our interactions, flows, loyalty programs, and customer segments has been invaluable. Their profound understanding has enabled them to create a website that perfectly reflects our brand profile and is scalable for future features. We are impressed by Dwarf's ability to incorporate our insights into the project. They have attentively listened to our desires, needs, and challenges, translating them into practical solutions. As a result, the website truly represents us in the best possible way"

Mads Bie

Business Innovation Director

Frederik Buus Sauer

Lead Developer

Jesper Kold-Hansen

Lead PHP Developer

Jeppe Bjorholm Andersen

Creative Director

Jesper Søndergaard Filtenborg

PHP Developer

Frederic Widding

Senior Frontend Developer

Simon Christiansen

Frontend Developer


Majken Sofie Bøndergaard Jakobsen

Senior Project Manager

Markus Hylleberg

Frontend Developer


Kasper Møller

Creative Director

Ádám Molnár

Creative Technologist

Sune Helin Johnsen

Data & Insights Lead


Cecilie Grue Jacobsen

Marketing Manager & Culture Lead

Patrick Walsh-Vilander

Backend Developer

Andreas Fau Andersen

Client Consultant

Nicolas Verhelpen

Digital Designer

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Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Schmidt

Director of MarTech

Caroline Madsen

Client Manager

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