The Vinyl Is Dead. Long Live the Vinyl.


The Vinyl Is Dead. Long Live the Vinyl.

That the vinyl is not exactly ‘stone dead’ is a surprise. Firstly, challenged back in 1979 by a pretty cool recorder, also called ‘the walkman’. Since then, even more, challenged by a ‘Discman’, the MP3-players, the iPods – followed by the smartphones, iTunes, and streaming. So, what’s the need for a 12-inches broad static-electronic ‘dust magnet’, that can only handle one hour of music to be played? To say it in short – we just need to enjoy it.

Sofie Vestergård

Owner of Accord
"We had almost dropped the idea of a webshop, but then we were introduced to Dwarf. A company that matched us really well. We are flipped, creative, and very do-it-yourself-like and are not used to working with the big boys. It can quickly become a little too corporate and difficult to get the two worlds to meet. But Dwarf is not quite as you think the typical CBS boys. We first met the team in April of 2020, and it was instant love. Opposite us sat a motley team that together created a fantastic balance between razor-sharp data-based solutions, elegant design, and the edge and creativity we needed. We felt very safe and threw ourselves into the project in the middle of a time when everything looked bad for business, but we had no doubt that we were going to play with these boys! It's been an amazing journey. We have inspired each other, and it has been really interesting for us, both to be taken so seriously, but also to experience such a cool and tight structure, which feels very calming to us as customers. In their setup, we are a tiny customer among DR and Norwegian, but we have always felt like a big client. We have been carried all the way through with great regard for our budget and great wishes. Now Dwarf is taking our 80-year-old business into 2020, and we're so ready!!!"

Mads Bie

Business Innovation Director

Mie Nanna Lybye

Project Manager

Kasper Møller

Creative Director

Markus Hylleberg

Frontend Developer

Thomas Gross Rasmussen

Frontend Developer

Oliver Wang Hansen

Chief Technology Officer


Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Caroline Madsen

Client Manager

Christian Vang

PHP Developer

Frederic Widding

Senior Frontend Developer

Rasmus Jappe Kristiansen

Senior Digital Designer


Alexander Aagaard

Lead Frontend Developer

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Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Schmidt

Director of MarTech

Caroline Madsen

Client Manager

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