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Comwell Concierge

A New Level of Digital Room Service


A New Level of Digital Room Service

No more boring homemade Cuba Libre without ice in the hotel room. Now Comwell's guests have access to the full range of cocktails from the bar and delights from the kitchen in the hotel's latest digital offering - Comwell Concierge.

Stefan Bovien

Digital Specialist, Web Integration & Strategy at Comwell
"We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Dwarf. Their proficiency in service design, design thinking, and development has produced a professional, user-friendly digital tool that meets our specific requirements. Dwarf adopts a holistic approach to agile development, encompassing various aspects of the process to ensure comprehensive results. Their commitment, expertise, and dedication have made our collaboration a success."

Mads Bie

Business Innovation Director

Mie Nanna Lybye

Project Manager

David Adalberth

Creative Tech Director

Nicklas Andersen

Digital Designer


Kasper Møller

Creative Director

Nicolas Verhelpen

Digital Designer

Jeppe Bjorholm Andersen

Creative Director

Frederik Buus Sauer

Lead Developer

Markus Hylleberg

Frontend Developer


Frederik Alexander Bering

Frontend Developer

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Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Schmidt

Director of MarTech

Caroline Madsen

Client Director & Studio Manager

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