We are put into this world to engage and excite your customers with innovative digital user experiences

Everything gets digitized. There is no industry or job that is not constantly challenged or redefined. With infinite possibilities and limited resources, the most important task will be to choose the right project.

Focus areas

You bring the challenge and your domain knowledge. We bring design, technology, and 24 years of experience. We have a strong position and solid experience in eight different areas.


Games & Interactivity

Illustration, Animation and TV


Automation & Personalization


Digital Brand Identity


Apps & Web Applications


Digital Tools




Multibrand Solution & Architecture

Benny Box

Benny Box

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Tech Stack

At Dwarf we have a tech stack that we have promised each other and our customers that we master. We have also promised each other that it is always the specific tasks that control which parts of our tech stack will be in play and that we will turn down tasks that are on the edge of or outside our expertise. Our Primary Tech Stack aims are finely tuned to enable us to help our clients build digital solutions that live up to the standards of 2023. The stack has been carefully put together so that we can produce scaleable and performance-friendly technical setups without compromising, which allows us to support whatever future needs our clients might have. The stack is ongoingly reevaluated to ensure that we follow the countless possibilities of creating the best in class digital experiences.


ReactJS is a JavaScript-based framework that enables us to build smooth and component-based frontend SPA solutions. We utilize the power of React to a wide range of setups such as Web frontends, Mobile applications, and custom Backend interfaces.


VueJS is a JavaScript-based library that enables us to build smooth and component-based frontend SPA solutions. We utilize the power of Vue to a wide range of setups such as Web frontends, Mobile applications, and custom Backend interfaces.


Laravel is the most modern and stable PHP framework on the market. Laravel comes with an endless list of possibilities. We use Laravel when we are building integrations to other systems if we need a database, RESTFul API's, or a Back Office Admin Panel that stretches out over the normal CMS functionality.


Drupal has been on the market for a long time and is by far the most mature developer-faced CMS out there. A developer-faced CMS enables us to integrate and change functionality in order to build the functionality that the Editor needs. Drupal comes out of the box with a large list of expected CMS features.


Umbraco is a Danish founded and developed CMS that was founded in 2005. It has therefore proofed itself and secured a spot in our Primary Tech Stack. A developer-faced CMS enables us to integrate and change functionality in order to build the right functionality that the editor needs.

.NET Core

.NET Core is Microsofts newest and most modern .NET framework on the market. .NET Core comes with an endless list of possibilities. We use .NET Core when we are building integrations to other systems if we need a database, RESTFul API's, or a Back Office Admin Panel that stretches out over the normal CMS functionality.


Does your company need a user-friendly e-commerce platform that makes it easy to sell, monitor, and manage your sales strategy? Then Shopify is the way to go. Shopify is a subscription-based SaaS platform whose user-friendliness makes it a breeze to build and develop a modern online store that fits your company's specific needs.


Digital gaming experiences require a strong game engine with many possibilities. Unity is one of the world's leading platforms for creating the best interactive gaming experiences, both in 2D and 3D. Unity also has a strong community and support network, making it an excellent choice for game developers.


Content Management can be both time-consuming and advanced, but it doesn't have to be. That's where Sanity comes in. The flexible and editor-friendly CMS with its intuitive interface and functionalities makes it easy to create, edit, and publish content on your website. Sanity gives you and your company the opportunity to create coherent and engaging customer experiences.


A good tool is half the work - not least for digital craftsmen. That's why we change tools when something smarter, faster, and more targeted comes to the digital industry. We still use Photoshop occasionally in Design – or Basecamp for project management, if we're forced to do so by a client. But speed, quality, and tools are intertwined.


If you'd asked us a few years ago, we'd probably have sung a whole story about Sketch - and how that tool was a huge advance in digital UX and design processes. But now there's "a new kid on the block," Figma. It may be about the same as Sketch – but has peaked with a much, much better solution for real-time online collaboration. If you take Office365 and...

... oh no, it's SO much smoother than '365 (but we use that too because Excel is still the world's best spreadsheet)

Adobe Creative Cloud

At Dwarf we value design and creativity highly, that’s why we are working with the entire Adobe CC suite. We love to let our creativity run loose when we are creating identities, motion graphics, and much more, and with Adobe we can ensure that we deliver high-quality designs that match our customers' needs and desires as well as something we can be proud to deliver.

Pen & Paper

... whiteboard and markers or post-its. Traditional and physical tools can do something when it comes to idea generation, co-creation, and sparring. Speed, no screen, plenty of space. and 100% concurrency. You can draw a consensus, an overview, and new ideas.


Yes, it is really popular in our industry and at Dwarf as well. "Structured and lightning-fast anarchy with an open API." Just for all the tech geeks. We use it for all internal digital communication and we use it together with customers to keep the "loose" dialogue in one place. We have tied it together with everything from our hourly control to our corona vent routines.


You had ONE job! There are many digital solutions that try to solve all problems at once. Not Dropbox. It solves exactly one task: Saving files in the cloud, and it does it superbly: Simple, fast, and reliable. A nice little role model.


We are constantly trying to optimize how many hours we spend on a project that actually "lands in the product". There is always a need for management and project management. And creative solutions cannot be solved 100% predictably and linearly. But it's still about getting "more hot hands to the product" and minimizing bureaucracy and pseudo-processes. Zenhub/Github binds our code management and deployment effectively together.

Automation Systems


Agillic is an omnichannel platform that falls into the category of lightweight email systems. The system has numerous features and the open API structure integrates with virtually every add-on system available. The platform easily facilitates automation of your digital marketing and communication and should be considered a ‘high-end system’. It contains features that support the export and import of your existing data which means that the system will be able to work with your existing CRM system and/or ERP system in the majority of cases.


Oracle is the largest player on the market when it comes to ’standard software’ related to marketing automation and its Marketing Cloud is the most advanced of the ’high-end systems out there. The platform offers an advanced template system called ’RPL’ which gives possibilities for better usage of data from external sources. This is a unique feature that is not seen among other marketing automation systems.


Klaviyo is a 100% code-free platform with a built-in CRM system that integrates with most social platforms and e-commerce systems. In addition to this, Klaviyo offers everything from analytics, forms, and pop-ups to A/B testing, etc. The system gathers a collection of the most important tools into one system which allows unique cross-channel insights into your user's behavior from email to social.


Mailchimp is a lightweight e-mail system that requires a fair amount of manual work from the user, but it is not solely an email booster. The system enables you to administrate your data and target groups through a CRM tool that delivers insights about your users. In addition to this, you will find features that allow segmentation of your user data, behavioral targeting, predictive demographic data, sign-up forms, creative tools, and much more.


ActiveCampaign is a middleweight system in the automation market that offers a variety of features including CRM-system, SMS, web notifications, ChatBots, social media, tracking, etc. If you have a fairly large amount of data that you need to migrate but also generate the most output from, then ActiveCampaign represents a perfect middle ground.


APSIS One is a lightweight system on the automation market and a match for companies without large amounts of data. APSIS provides an intuitive and affordable platform that integrates with most systems and provides a great alternative to the more comprehensive systems available on the market. The system is able to track data from your users, automate your communication and create loyalty, personal engagement, and reach through socials, email, and SMS.


Bloomreach is a digital experience platform that leverages customer data and a CDP to provide personalized experiences across channels and e-commerce platforms. Bloomreach Exponea helps maintain customer loyalty by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Bloomreach uses advanced algorithms to analyze customer interactions and predict behaviour and preferences, delivering tailored products and offers to customers.


MarketingPlatform is an omnichannel platform that primarily focuses on e-commerce and is one of the few providers on the market that offers deep data. It enables the building of countless marketing automation flows and makes it easy to tailor individual customer needs across channels. MarketingPlatform has great capabilities for importing and exposing data, and there are many opportunities for integrations and open-source plugins.