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The Next Generation of Handball


The Next Generation of Handball

Most of us have probably stood in front of the TV, watching a nail-biting handball final, or perhaps worn out the floor of the local hall during our youth. Regardless of our familiarity with the sport, there's no doubt that in Denmark, we are a handball nation, having cherished the sport for many years. In fact, we've loved it since 1935 when the Danish Handball Association was founded as a union of handball-playing clubs, with the purpose of promoting and developing handball in Denmark.

More than 80 years later, the purpose thankfully remains the same, but the name has been streamlined to DanskHåndbold, now standing as a distinct signature of the community handball embodies, whether one is a player, coach, parent, or spectator. With a new name, logo, and visual identity, the groundwork for developing the online presence was well underway. Still, an update to the existing website was needed for all elements to work harmoniously – and Dwarf was onboard right from the start.

Kasper Tolstrup Andersen

Digital Business Developer
"Dwarf has been a fantastic partner for DanskHåndbold. Their expertise in the methodical approach to preliminary research, development, UX, and design has resulted in a website that is not only visually appealing but also meets the desires and needs of our users. We are pleased with the dedicated collaboration and look forward to future projects with Dwarf."

Cecilie Yde

Senior Project Manager

Kasper Friis

Senior .NET Developer

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Frontend Developer


Jonas Braagaard

UX Lead

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Client Manager

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Digital Designer

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Jesper Scherling Olesen

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Rasmus Bidstrup

Marketing Automation Tech Lead

Katja Elm Sandal

MarTech Operational Manager

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Senior Digital Designer


Astrid Bolette Daugård

UX Designer

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