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Waste as a Ressource


Waste as a Ressource

Vestforbrænding handles waste for businesses and citizens in 19 municipalities and is currently engaged in the largest district heating project in Danish history, rolling out district heating to 39,000 customers. A lot has changed since the facility was built in 1970 when environmental considerations primarily revolved around the height of the chimney. Today, Vestforbrænding is a modern environmental company and is amid a transformation from being one of Denmark's largest CO2 emitters to achieving carbon-neutral waste incineration by 2030.

Vestforbrænding has set ambitious goals for 2030 and is well on its way to achieving them. In addition to carbon capture, it involves waste prevention, reuse, recycling, expanding the district heating network, and educating citizens.

30,000 tons for direct reuse, over 60% recycling (compared to 44% today), and 39,000 new large and small district heating customers. Impressive goals, all of which depend on active citizen participation. It is the citizens who need to change consumption and maintenance habits, adapt to more recycling, and become even better at waste sorting. It is also the citizens who need to accept district heating and be patient as it takes time to roll out.


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