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DR Ramasjang - Rosa's Neighborhood

It’s a Piece of Cake! Literally...


It’s a Piece of Cake! Literally...

Mads, Frederikke, and Emil are good at baking cakes, but can they bake something you can live in? You or maybe your children can if you settle in at Rouladegade and the surrounding area. Here, Rosa welcomes you to a new Ramasjang game developed by Dwarf. We call it Rosa's Neighborhood.

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Katrine Granholm

Digital Children's Editor for Ramasjang and Ultra at DR
"Ramasjang is in very good company. The Danish gaming industry has an incredibly high level, and we are very proud and happy about the award for best children's game of the year. Dwarf is a Danish heavyweight in designing and developing apps and websites, but this is actually their very first game. Still, they have produced an incredibly beautiful and entertaining game, based on the universe of 'Rosa from Rouladegade'."

Camilla Maj Kjærhauge Okkels

Head of Project Management

Kasper Møller

Creative Director

David Adalberth

Creative Tech Director

Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Hakim Mazouz

Creative Technologist

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Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Schmidt

Director of MarTech

Caroline Madsen

Client Manager

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