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27. Oct

Leverage the Value of Your Data Through Dashboards

Is your organization struggling with managing and presenting data in an understandable way? Dwarf can help you learn more about how you can leverage the value of your data through dashboards.

11. Jan

Dwarf acquires parts of Benny Box and adds a new creative edge to the agency

Dwarf expands the collaboration with the illustration -and motion studio Benny Box and buys 33% of the creative agency founded by Creative Director and Founder, Esben Fisker, in 2005.


27. Sep

GPDR & Google Analytics

17. Jun

Goodbye to Universal Analytics. Are you ready for Google Analytics 4?

2022 presents legal challenges and technological paradigm shifts that are shifting the basic premises of tracking. Tracking has become more complex, but some of the new challenges also present new opportunities.   


06. Dec

Dwarf partners with Sproom

Electronic invoices may not be something we at Dwarf had intended to deal with very much. But in the last few months, we have touched on the subject relatively much, as we have partnered with Sproom, for whom we are designing and developing a new website.

15. Nov

The Power of White-Label, Part 2

In the first part of this article series, we explored the advantages of the white-label software architecture pattern, and how it makes a lot of sense from a business perspective in certain situations. This second part will focus entirely on the technical details of how a white-label solution can be implemented in practice. We’ll look into how we implemented a white-label architecture for our clients, including the tradeoffs that naturally exist for any software project.

12. Nov

Dwarf welcomes Dades and NREP!

Six new websites to six shopping malls!

05. Nov

The Power of White-Label, Part 1

In a traditional sense, white-label is defined as such on Wikipedia: "A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it." This idea isn't new. Create a product once, slap some branding on it, and offer it to various markets with different audiences.

27. Oct

IO Interactive partners with Dwarf

Dwarf has partnered with the Danish gaming company IO Interactive, which is behind the HITMAN trilogy. The task is interesting as it goes on personal communication with IOI's many millions of players worldwide.

03. Sep

Are you faster than the boss?

"Yes, of course, I am," you might think in your quiet mind, "... if only I had the chance to show it." We have that chance at Dwarf.

29. Mar

TV 2 Lorry App Leads The Way To Experiences

Are you tired of boredom and are hungry for good new experiences? Here in the corona times, 'experiences' feel like something that belonged to the past, but nevertheless, TV 2 Lorry has launched the "OPLEV" app.

26. Mar

TV 2 Regionerne Launches New Publishing Platform

Denmark's strongest national local media TV 2 Regionerne received digital help in a class of its own, as the digital agency Dwarf developed a new digital platform with a common core, which at the same time gives freedom to local development.

09. Mar

A Second Life For The Vinyl

Who on earth buys a vinyl or a CD in 2021? More and more is the answer. The digital agency Dwarf is behind a cool e-shop made for the 80-year-old music chain Accord. Now you have the chance to buy your favourite records from home.

25. Feb

Agillic with a new partner program – Dwarf is their first “GOLD PARTNER”

The publicly listed Danish software company Agillic shows the ultimate recognition to the Danish agency Dwarf. As their first chosen Gold Partner they truly recognize Dwarf as the leading marketing automation specialists in Denmark, with the most customers on Agillic's omnichannel system.