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Digital literacy for the Danish youth and children


Digital literacy for the Danish youth and children

Save the Children Denmark, Children's Rights Denmark, The Media Council for Children and Young People, and the Center for Digital Pedagogy have joined forces in a national initiative to strengthen digital education for children and young people, called "On," with support from the Ministry of Children and Education.

In collaboration with these four organizations, Dwarf has helped create "On Teaching", a digital platform that supports educators in integrating digital education into their teaching. Through inspiring teaching materials and courses, the platform offers concrete tools and resources that complement existing teaching materials. The goal is to enrich teaching with current and relevant topics within digital education. The initiative focuses on enhancing teachers' ability to impart digital competence, ensuring that students build a foundation to strengthen their digital education.

Furthermore, the digital platform contributes by telling the story of the organization and the national initiative, as well as presenting and guiding through seven educational principles that aim to inform the conversation about digital education among professionals, parents, and across generations.


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