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Damn Good Lunch


Damn Good Lunch

… and a damn good user experience – that is almost as delicious as the lunch. A platform that creates personal and direct contact between the kitchen and the customers, it reduces food waste, and it opens up for dialogue and feedback, individual choices, preparing orders to your guests, and fast and smooth administration for the lunch companies. It is about more money for the raw materials – and less for the ‘middle men’.

The Task

Damn good lunch… Or is it really? That is the question, for many lunch firms. And in this industry, you will for sure find these ‘middlemen’, that managed to sneak themselves in between the chef and the customers.

Let’s just call them ‘the lunch mediators’ – they are the lunch industries’ response to Wolt or JustEat. The takeaway platforms take 20% of the cost-benefit from the restaurants and the lunch mediators take 20% of the lunch money.  

This money cannot be used for good raw materials or extra love in the kitchen. Seen from the kitchen’s perspective, that is a problem. And it doesn’t get better to experience that the contact to the customers, the ones who eat the food, is lost.

Maybe the customers will send an e-mail afterward if there is something wrong with the delivery. But without direct contact with the customers and given the possibility to correct mistakes, the kitchen may first hear from the customers again, when they already made up their mind to change the supplier.

Lunchbuddy is a ‘Software as a Service platform’, that ensures direct contact between the kitchen and the ‘end eaters, it reduces food waste, and it opens up for feedback, individual choices, fast and smooth planning, orders for your guests, and smooth administration and lunch delivery.

The Solution

The solution is built in a way, to create value for all stakeholders; the end eater, the lunch responsible on the customer side, the kitchen staff, and the lunch company itself. Instead of a ‘single lunch responsible’ that each day has to find out, who from the staff is out for lunch? Who called in sick? Or who is on vacation? All the employees can pause the lunch, change their food preferences or order extra lunch for guests or clients.

The employees can provide feedback after having a meal, and hereby the lunch suppliers will receive the full overview of customers' satisfaction and how different menus are ranked, and when they were last served.

All changes, and choices, extra meals, and extra purchases, for example, fruits and beverages, are registered, and this information forms the base of purchasing lists, production plans, distribution lists, and invoicing basis. No more Excel in the kitchen! No more post-it's lying around, messages that are lost, no more mistakes because of poor administration - when thousands of ordered meals to 20 different locations, are about to be delivered no later than 11 o’clock.

The Result

The solution is right now in a ‘test phase’ with the lunch delivery and some of their clients. But the feedback is very positive until now.

On an average week, 55% will open the weekly ‘Friday E-mail’, where the menu for the next week is transparent. About a quarter of the ‘end eaters will turn back with at least one change to the coming week.

Until today, 4% of the food waste has improved due to correctly registered absence - and on average, there are 12% more sales for Lunchbuddy because extra meals for guests or clients are ordered on the platform.



Camilla Maj Kjærhauge Okkels

Senior Project Manager

Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Client Service Director

Kim Skjoldborg


Kasper Møller

Creative Director

Kristoffer Rath Hansen

Backend PHP Developer

Mikkel Honkanen Larsen

Frontend Developer

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Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Client Service Director

Thomas Schmidt

Director of Automation

Caroline Madsen

Client Manager

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