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Damn Good Lunch


Damn Good Lunch

… and a damn good user experience – that is almost as delicious as the lunch. A platform that creates personal and direct contact between the kitchen and the customers, it reduces food waste, and it opens up for dialogue and feedback, individual choices, preparing orders to your guests, and fast and smooth administration for the lunch companies. It is about more money for the raw materials – and less for the ‘middle men’.


Camilla Maj Kjærhauge Okkels

Head of Project Management

Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Kim Skjoldborg


Kasper Møller

Creative Director

Kristoffer Rath Hansen

Backend PHP Developer

Mikkel Honkanen Larsen

Frontend Developer


Hakim Mazouz

Creative Technologist

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Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Schmidt

Director of MarTech

Caroline Madsen

Client Manager

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