Don’t Fight Us – Join Us!

Are you part of the industry, well-established, or an emerging talent? Are you at the same time looking for a workplace, where your colleagues share the same digital ambitions and dreams as you? But also a community with collaboration across academic interests? Then Dwarf might be the place for you. We are growing and therefore we are always looking for new colleagues, even if there are no open positions, we are always happy to hear from you.

Open Positions

At the moment, we are looking for a new colleague, who match the following profile. If you choose to apply for a job at Dwarf, you can send us an application through the platform Elvium. It is not so visually appealing, like the other stuff we build here at Dwarf, but it ensures that the process is in order.


MarTech Developer



A Message From The Management

Our culture book.

General Benefits

The things that just need to be in order in your contract - and then some.


Our bonus agreement is unique. Every month, 25% of the result is allocated to a collective bonus reward that is shared among all employees. The payment is made quarterly – and you are included from the first full quarter you are employed.


Even though the average Dwarf employee will retire in 30 years, we still offer pension to everyone working for Dwarf.

Personal Development

All employees have ongoing 1-on-1 conversations with their nearest boss, where the development of the individual's competencies is on the agenda. We try to plan the work so that everyone can learn something new through varied tasks, upskilling and new team constellations.


We offer 5+1 weeks of paid vacation, and our office is closed in weeks 29 and 30 – and again between Christmas and New Year. In those weeks everyone takes time off to rest.

Worklife Balance

What makes work, private and family life balance together.

Remote and Flexible Hours

Most people are at work from 9 am to 5 pm, but you can choose to flex your hours. You need to be at the office or online from 10 am to 3 pm, but the rest is quite flexible.


We plan to achieve everything within regular working hours. It happens that we stay longer to reach a deadline, but the exception confirms the rule. We aim to offer everyone a good and healthy work-life balance.

Parental Leave & Option for Leave of Absence

We offer full pay for several weeks during maternity leave and are also a part of "Barselsfonden" which allows for a sensible agreement to be satisfied with when taking parental leave. It is also possible to take a leave of absence if you wish to travel the world with your kids or do something else.


Dwarf is no bigger than everyone being able to be something at the agency. We have breakfast together every Friday and take turns sharing something we are passionate about, or a project we are working on. A task, tech, design, internal ideas, successes, and BIG mistakes. We want to get smarter every day.

Health & Wellbeing

What makes everyday life good and sick days fewer.

Health Insurance

Dwarf offers health insurance to all full-time employees, which provides access to chiropractors, physiotherapists, reflexology, etc. You also have the opportunity to get family and children's coverage.

Quit-Smoking Course

We offer everybody a quit-smoking course. A little help goes a long way...

Healthy Lunch & Free Fruit

We have a healthy lunch agreement where there is room for everyone, no matter if you prefer halal, regular, vegetarian, or vegan foods. We also offer free fruit and vegetables for everyone.


We care about your health! That's why we offer to cover 50% of your fitness subscription.

Coffee and Tea Bar

At Dwarf we have everything you could ask for in terms of cold and warm drinks. We even have our own coffee and tea bar including a mini-fridge for all the cold drinks.

Dwarf Sport Club

Our members of the Dwarf Run Club run and Dwarf Fitness Club train once a week, and they are always scouting for new members! If you think the most fun thing about running is changing direction, then we also have a Badminton Club "Dwarf Bad Club".


Dwarf joins DHL every year – runners, walkers and supporters. You are free to take a day off if you run faster than our CEO. We have drinks and a big barbecue for everyone afterwards.


What makes Fridays and party days something completely different from weekdays.

Fun Friday

The bar trolley stocked with all your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is seen every Friday at 4 pm. Everyone can commandeer the cart, and it's entirely up to you what you load it with!


We have two yearly parties at the agency – a Summer Party and a Christmas Party + everything else we might need to celebrate during the year. We like to party!


We are an agency. So of course, we have table football, a DJ set, a light show and a PlayStation. We exert ourselves – also when it comes to partying and having a good time.

Family Gatherings

We have yearly Christmas decorations and eating-"æbleskiver"-traditions for (kids)families. Everyone, with the ability to handle scissors and a glue gun without being seriously injured, is invited. In total, we have 65 kids at Dwarf, so it is usually a pretty big event.