Our approach and methods

We work closely together. We often have customers visiting for hours, days, or weeks – and we are happy to sit at your office for a shorter or longer time when it is best for the project. We construct a team across skills and they collaborate on the solution.

We don't have a sales and production team. We have not outsourced development or support through a call center in India. The people you talk to are the ones who draw, build and maintain.

Klods Hans


We have a fixed casting when we start a new project at Dwarf. Stolen and known by the names of...

Our methods

What would you like? An agile double-diamond with CDP and scrum on top? Our industry is filled with buzzwords and acronyms. We're not. We have chosen one model from which we discuss all projects. It's called Design Thinking, but it's a bad name, because it's not about design as a discipline - it's about the whole - the solution design.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

... or just "thinking", is about how we work our way to the core. The concept that meets the needs of users, enthuses, and engages; can be done within your technical and organizational framework; - and makes business sense, and contributes to your long-term success. People, technology, and business.

ALD Carmarket

Extremely Heavy Takeaway

Desirable 25

Best-in-class product presentation. When customers need to choose a secondhand car, without the option of a test drive, the visual review is without a doubt extremely important. The cars in all its details: 360 degrees images, detailed history of service, and documentation of even the smallest stone chip to the number of scratches. Shortly said, a “best in class”- product presentation.

Feasible 30

The whole process: from the car leasing to the preparation of it, the photo shoot, the obtaining of damage history, the mechanic reviews, the sales, the credit approval, and the delivery - all parts are digitalized. All it takes are a lot of integrations and well-structured APIs. The trigger-based mail communication supports the customer journey from the start to the car being delivered to your doorstep.

Viable 45

The main challenge in the ALD case was to meet all concerns with a new behavior: The online purchase of extremely expensive and secondhand cars – and in a field with existing traditions that are much different. 100% transparency, 100 km test-drive, free delivery, 14 days free return policy, and the mechanic chat function, made the whole difference.

The Concept Phase

The Concept Phase

Maybe the best place to spend money... We know you're busy and have a deadline. Maybe you also have...