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Don't go to the mattresses


Don't go to the mattresses

…let the mattresses come to you. That is beyosa’s offer to their customers. You probably know the feeling of being out and about a Saturday afternoon – you see yourself in an exhibition bed with your shoes on, and you are trying to sense whether this mattress is ‘hard enough’. At the same time, a stream of people walks through your ‘bedroom’… There must be a better solution to this - that was beyosa’s first thought to this problem.

The Task

In order for you to be the best version of yourself, you need a good night’s sleep. beyosa is the name behind a new startup adventure in Berlin, that helps clients to sleep better.

Technological products for sleeping

They do this by offering long technological products like mattresses, pillows, blankets, and bedsheets – everything that defines a good night’s sleep.

MVP e-commerce platform

Dwarf received the task in the Autumn 2018, to develop a new MVP e-commerce platform, where beyosa's clients have the opportunity to choose a new bed, based on their desired needs.

The Solution

Dwarf created a strong brand story in close cooperation with beyosa. In relation to this, we developed an MVP e-commerce solution. First of all to spare you from a frustrating shopping experience but also to makes sure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Personalized online mattress shopping

The solution even contributed to the high ambitions that beyosa made for themselves – to shape a personalized shopping experience in which the customers can receive help to choose what’s right for them. And it doesn’t end here. Not only is ‘mattress shopping’ suddenly possible from home but your mattress and matching pillow configure easily to the customer – or the customers, if we speak of a double mattress…


The e-commerce solution is built by Drupal 8 with a connecting Drupal Commerce 2 solution. The entire solution is semi-decoupled where the frontend is built as a single page application (SPA) in Vue.js.

The Result

beyosa can now offer their customers a unique shopping experience that stands out from the crowd. The solution gives beyosa the opportunity to test business models and platforms in the market, and it also makes sure that there is scalability in relation to international growth potential and expansion of the product portfolio.

Tailored user experience

Dwarf has in close relationship with beyosa made sure, that there is a tailored user experience with the feeling of a safe dialog and personalization. At the same time, the solution meets the high expectations of credibility and trust, like the German consumer, require for online trading. The users were especially happy with the configuration, both in the initial user tests, but also in the post-launch feedback we received on the solution.


”We chose Dwarf because this agency understood our value proposition and ambitions. But they have also in the past 20 years proven to create solid results related to special developed e-commerce solutions for customers, that sell everything from burgers to used cars. We enter the market with a new product, and therefore we need something more and different than a simpel and traditional webshop”, says CEO, Claus Junget Madsen from beyosa.



Astrid Bolette Daugård

UX Designer

Jeppe Bjorholm Andersen

Senior Digital Art Director

Nicklas Andersen

Digital Designer

Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Client Service Director

David Adalberth

Lead Frontend Developer

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Manees Joakim Newton Nør

Client Service Director

Thomas Schmidt

Client Director & Head of Automation

Caroline Madsen

Client Manager

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