We aim to please our clients’ clients

Dwarf is an agency specialised in online activities. Our goal is to create value for our customers. Not to do something fancy and colourful or to use the latest webthingy because we can. Nope. We want to create value for our customers.

An online strategy is an integral part of a business – not something done in parallel. Sometimes online activities support the established business model and sometimes it adds something new. But being online should always be about squeezing out even more value from the business – and never about mere presence.

This is why we are very much concerned with how the online project imagined by our customers will create value for their business.

Dwarf was founded in 2000 with an aim to deliver quality and value to our clients’ business. We also wanted to be a better partner to our clients than what we felt was industry standard by providing maximum flexibility, straight answers and the shortest possible response time.

Our intentions haven’t changed. What is different today is how we have proved that we can deliver on our intent. We are now a thriving business employing more than 40 people and with a broad portfolio of clients, who are happy with us – most of the time.